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Accelerated Development Kit Driver Core for SiC modules 1200V 2x3W

ID Code:185559
Producator:Microchip Technology
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Marking manufacturer: ASDAK-2ASC-12A1HP-SP6LI
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AgileSwitch’s Accelerated Silicon Carbide Development Kit includes the hardware and software elements required to rapidly optimize the performance of SiC modules and systems. ASDAK-2ASC-12A1HP-62 is include 3x 2ASC-12A1HP – 1200V Core 1x SP6LI – 1200V Adapter board for SiC Microchip modules SP6LI, ASBK-014 Device Programmer Kit 1x – ICT Software
This new tool enables designers to adjust system performance through software upgrades using our Intelligent Configuration Tool (ICT) and a Device Programmer. No soldering required. ASBK-015 are not includedin the box, but are recommended
Software Programmable Features: Augmented Turn-OffTM (ATOff) (Patented), ± VGS Gate Voltages, Power supply under-voltage lockout (UVLO), Power supply over-voltage lockout (OVLO), Desaturation detection settings, Dead time, Fault lockout settings, Automatic Reset settings

Basic information:

Marking manufacturerASDAK-2ASC-12A1HP-SP6LI 
Type of component:Core Driver SiC 
Configuration:Low+High side 
Number of circuits (in case) 2 ks
Type of casing:MODUL 

Packaging and weight:

Weight:300 [g]
Type of packaging:BOX 
Small package (Number of units):

Electro-physical parameters:

Udc (URRM, UCEO, Umax) 1200 [V] ?

Udc - definitions for components

Udc = URRM - Diode

Udc = UDRM , URRM - Thyristor

Udc = UCEO - Transistors

Udc = Umax -

Udc-sup.min (Min.Supply DC Voltage)14 [V]
Udc-sup.nom (Nom.Supply DC Voltage)15.00 [V]
Udc-sup.max (Max.Supply DC Voltage)16 [V]
Uisol (@25°C/1min/50Hz)3750 [V]
UDC-OUT (off/min)14 [V]
UDC-OUT (on/max)16 [V]
IOUT puls (Log.1=ON) (TA=25°C)10 [A]
IOUT puls (Log.0=OFF) (TA=25°C)10 [A]
du/dt (critical rate of rise of on-state voltage)100000 [V/µs]
Pmax without heatsink ( TA=25°C)[W]
Input Logic Level (UGS level)5V 
tf/tq (Turn-off / fall time)200 [ns]
f max100 [kHz]

Thermal and mechanical parameters:

Tmin (minimum working temperature)-40 [°C]
Tmax (maximum working temperature)105 [°C]
Dimensions of outlets0.00 [mm]

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